Welcome Back To Roxboro is Live!

Welcome to Roxboro is coming to an end.  Some of you are probably saying umm, duh.. you haven't updated in forever.  Well I'm starting anew with Welcome Back to Roxboro as evidence of the comic you see posted above.  There will be a finalle / crossover comic as soon as my new site Back2Roxboro.comicgenesis.com is ready to accept comics.  So keep an eye out.

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Jun 9, 2006 @ 5:30 PM

Some updates are in progress to the site and the comic. We'll just have to see how well they go before any promises of a regular schedule. But I am hopeful after I stopped doing this I felt lost but being too busy to do anything about it I stayed that way. See ya soon! 

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Sept 5, 2003 @ 1:30 PM

Wow what a gap not to say that I have alot of time on my hands but I will be doing a comic from time to time. This one's for you Nee-chan

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Apr 23, 2003 @ 1:30 PM

I've been experimenting with new things as of late small changes to make it look better i can't say they are exactly noticeable like when i moved the layout around for 2003 but there are a few like i changed the lines around the bubbles by.5 pts I'm not entirely sure when i started doing that but if you look you can tell also for a little scavenger hunt can you tell me which numbers where skipped altogether? then only hint you get is that there are two one is double digits one is triple first one with the correct answer gets the satisfaction of knowing the won XD 2nd place gets the acknowledgement that they are the first loser. no but seriously if you can tell me first I'll spring for an item out of the store valued at $20 or less 2nd gets $10 or less third gets $5 or less good luck!!

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Apr 23, 2003 @ 1:30 PM

So I was gone for awhile then I came back and was gone again which leads me to believe that I just don't have enough time to maintain a 5 day a week schedule so for now Welcome to Roxboro will be on a Mon, Wed, Fri schedule until further notice.  It seems to work well for Ian from RPG World and some of the others I read and hopefully it will allow me to stop disappointing readers by being late all the time.  So about the week of no comics.  Misty and I moved into an apartment and it took a real long time to move all of our crap again.  For those of you who don't know we have moved 5 times in the past two years this makes six for me if you count when i moved out of my house to live with Misty.  While we moved Charter lied to me saying that I could move my service with out any problems I'll probably do a rant about it one day.  Anyway Its great to finally be on two way cable and I hope to keep you guys laughing for a long time to come Laters

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Apr 20, 2003 @ 10:30 PM

Hey gang sorry about Friday I'm moving to an apartment so things have been hectic.  I can't wait to get in there should be finished getting all my crap there by Tuesday :D Now the mouse is acting up I can't blame it it is an original Logitech trackman marble the numero uno infact this very mouse is a beta tested by my grandfather and passed down to me.  You can't even get these anymore but I have found that it is the mouse of choice for a lot of ppl W00t maybe I'll see if I can find another one at those electronics super deals at the fair grounds.  So if you don't hear from me in a few days I'm either wrestling a couch through a door or grieving over the loss of a dear old mouse.

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Apr 6, 2003 @ 11:00 PM

W00t more stores added!  I kinda went crazy with it but there are some great new designs and Items up for grabs check 'em out.  I also went through the existing stores and made sure everything was priced correctly and added a few new items in them as well.  I emailed Cafe Press to see about getting some color options and a bowling shirt added.  We'll just have to see about that... Nothing else really going on I'm trying to learn Japanese so when I go to Japan I won't be just another tourist trying to figure out where the bathroom is.  And since I use all my free time (which ain't much) to watch anime I figure it was a worthwhile venture.  That's all for now Later

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Mar 22, 2003 @ 7:00 PM

I had an influx of inspiration and created a new shop Glen's Pie Shop I don't have a link on the store page yet but I just realized that it is nearly 4 am so it will have to wait.  But it's there.  So tired Lost train of thought ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZZzzz

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Mar 21, 2003 @ 3:40 AM

I missed my window yesterday so here it is today.  My little piece on the war hope you like it and if you don't I'm sorry but that's what I think.  Hopefully the powers that be will stop fighting over who's is bigger and our good men and women who got dragged into it can come back home to help fix our own problems.  God bless and protect them and their families.

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Mar 20, 2003 @ 12:00 AM

Hey Gang sorry it's been awhile since I've done a news post and you can see that there is no Thursday nor Friday.  Well Thursday we had a vicious ice storm that ravaged our fair town by dropping trees and what not on to power lines roads etc. So at the house we lost power while I was at work so In to town I came to stay with mom and dad as I approached I realized that there was a gray eeriness about... you guessed it no power the whole town over.  The only thing that was running was the jail thank god.  So no power and no cable = no internet and no computer we got power back on Saturday but not the cable.  It only just returned this evening so here we are beginning a new week again.  I've decided to forego the naming of the weeks and the dropdown list will reflect that as soon as I decide what to do with it.  Anyway the server still is running weird sometimes the updates come right away and sometimes it takes two days who knows when and if it will be fixed.  So we're back up in it rip roaring and ready to go thanks for toughing it out Later

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Mar 02, 2003 @ 10:15 PM

I don't get it I put the comic up and it doesn't update.  I go to update and the site is down. *sigh* Anyway here it is hopefully tomorrow isn't going to be a repeat but we will have to see.

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Feb 12, 2003 @ 4:33 PM

Hey all sorry about thur i accidentally put the comic in the wrong directory.  And today we had rolling power outages as ice melted off the power lines.  I'm working on Friday's but it may be tomorrow.  Oh yea just wanted to pass this along.  I was looking at the stats for Feb. and I saw the funniest thing under search strings.  For those of you who don't know the stats page for our accounts shows us which search strings lead people to our site.  So the only one listed was "lando ate my balls" so to whoever typed that in I did not eat your balls and I wish you luck in finding them although I do not believe the internet is the best place to look.

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Feb 07, 2003 @ 11:54 PM

Well after that long stint of issues things are seemingly back to normal for a change.  This little botherance did however allow me to get some site things done and got me a good deal ahead of the game.  I hear that we might be getting a guest strip or two sometime soon.  I can't wait! I was going to add a gallery page to the main nav bar but my scanner won't work with xp the drivers aren't compatible.  It's just a cheap no name a4 USB scanner I got from earthlink so whatever.  OK funny stuff is on the way this week and next where we attack more commercials, have fun with felines, and explain why you shouldn't watch Final Destination 2 if you are the least bit paranoid.  You'll see ;) till next time..

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Feb 03, 2003 @ 11:54 PM

The forces of evil are against me with Keenspace going down then this internet wide bandwidth loss or whatever it was and I still can't manually update I've had all of last week's comics done and uploaded but I can't get them to update.  I don't even know if this will show up Oh well that's about all hopefully this new server will stay up more than two months but you never do know what the gnomes have in store 

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Jan 27, 2003 @ 1:54 AM

Yay finally fixed the news section like I wanted it!  As for the characters page well... I just have to figure out all the information I want to put on the character sheets then it's smooth sailing.  The manga style pics will still take awhile as I am still studying different ways of drawing anime type characters and all the poses I want to use so if all goes well and I can get ahead a little more you may see the initial posting of the characters page as early as this weekend so keep an eye on the news to see when I get it done.  Oh mad props to StealthN for being my all time #1 referrer!!

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Jan 20, 2003 @ 9:54 PM

Fixed a problem with the forum link StealthN has been doing a little house cleaning lately making sure everything is running smooth :)  Sorry about Friday's again turns out I had to work all day and just couldn't get it done I'm still working on it and I'll either put it up with one of this weeks or on Saturday by itself.  I did a little work on the characters page so it is progressing at a snail's pace.  If I can get my self caught up and finish the signs I'm doing for work then things could be going easier for a change.  I went back over all of the comics the other day and decided I need to standardize some of the facial expressions.  I've drawn some really good ones and some really crappy ones same with the arms and body positions the reason everyone seems to be in suspended animation or always seems to be missing hands is lack of time to position and draw them.  So If I can get everybody down to say 4 outfits then i can start working on the best versions of those outfits and so on and so on.  Short version look for some improvements over the next few months yea that's how long I'm planning to be working this stuff out.  Hell that firs week I took to re do the site I also worked on improvements I ended up with three new hands and a new shoe... a shoe... honestly

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Jan 15, 2003 @ 1:54 AM

Yep it's late Friday's will be as well I had to work all day the past two days but I'm off tomorrow so I can work on the comic all day... Yea like that will really happen... Did I say that out loud? Fridays will be up sometime tomorrow and Mondays should be on time later!

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Jan 09, 2003 @ 7:54 PM

Yay!! Thanks G-fresh for pointing out the method to fixing the news section like I wanted and thanks StealthN for showing me how to do it.  Still working on different pages to make them better and some extra stuff for the Stuff page.  Thanks again guys!

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Jan 04, 2003 @ 3:00 AM

Blargh  I had to work alot the past two days and I didn't even get home till 11:00 last night.  Then I saw something very bad on the Dick Clark New Year's Eve thing so naturally I had to throw out the comic I had almost finished so I could make one about it.  So i just finished it so instead of throwing together another one very hastily we'll just pretend that Wednesday never happened ;)  Happy New Year!

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Jan 02, 2003 @ 12:30 AM

Gomen Nasai and for those of you who don't speak Japanese I'm Real sorry about the week of down time.  I had a lot of stuff to take care of with the holidays and all.  It was good to take a break to get the comic stuff in order.  I had some really pitiful scripts that I must have written while my brain was turned off.  Well I burned them and wrote some much better ones :) Still didn't get any time to work on the characters page but I did spend a little time practicing my Manga style drawings so I'll get to it soon.  As for everything else, I'm still looking for a way to shrink this section.  i want to do it like a page within a page but I don't know how to do it If anyone does please help me!  I'm still looking for fan submissions of any kind whether you have talent or not ;)  Thanks again!

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Dec 28, 2002 @ 11:16 PM

:D I can scarcely believe is my self but I have finished the rest of the weeks comics.  So hopefully I will use this time to either keep on getting ahead or work on the website like the totally neglected characters page I've got something really special planned for it and have been practicing the concept art for it.  On another note the dropdown is now broken since the move it points to the old server and to top that off my emails to Keenspace are being returned so there is now way to know what is what at present :/ Maybe it will get better on its own as they get everything settled in on the new server.  

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Dec 10, 2002 @ 11:16 PM

Well Crap On A Cracker... My monitor blew up on me the other day :/ I'm back online again cept the new monitor I got is kinda blurry oh well...  It snowed and iced yesterday, ran us into town to stay with mom and dad.  We have a couple of trees out here that are kinda sketchy and with the ice we didn't want them to fall on the house with us in it :)  So as I am just getting back, tired as hell, and watching taken on Sci Fi Friday's comic will be late yet again.  I'm starting to have problems remembering when the last time Friday's was on time :P  sorry about this again but trust me when I get it done it will live up to its name "the funniest thing you ever heard"  and I assure you it is 100% true.  Well that's all for now folks I'm still trying to get the week tags sorted out the dropdown works but the links that display weeks at a time still do not.  I've emailed Keenspace and await their reply.

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Dec 05, 2002 @ 7:37 PM

Heh Sorry about Friday Monday and today. 1 I got my dates mixed up 2 Keenspace was moving all the comics to a new server so one of my updates went to the wrong server so anyway I'm all caught up and back in order I still need to install office so I don't have to do these updates in html :P  

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Dec 03, 2002 @ 3:00 PM

HOLY CRAP!!! The day of reckoning is upon us all... Yes I am actually going to praise a Microsoft product! O.O I can hardly believe it myself but Windows XP is the shiznittle-bam snip snap sack! I don't know if the great increase in the performance of my system is solely due to XP since I finally got the damn thing running at !GHz and dropped in a brand new 7200 rpm drive but I didn't even have any problems installing it and that is a miracle in itself. So hopefully with this new power I should be good to go :D Thanks again to all who donated! Even though I had to get a Maxtor drive :/ I did only pay $59 for a 60 GB hooray rebates :) Oh and props go out to the staff of Best Buy for leaving the sale tags thereby allowing me to get the rebate! heh  

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Nov 25, 2002 @ 2:30 AM

Hooray!! The week I've been waiting for has come! I call it Obscure Game Week although the games aren't necessarily that obscure.  Ok here's the deal I played a bunch of games that I haven't played in a while a month or so ago and was inspired by them.  This week is the result of that I hope you guys like them.  On another note I went back over the archives and fixed a few spelling mistakes and other text related follies.  Soon I hope to get a dropdown for the weeks since I took the time to name them so long ago.  Finally I changed the comic layout slightly, it was similar to some other comics that I read and I felt it was time for a little change.  Oh one more thing, looks like we are up to 300 hits a day and growing :D Thanks a bunch for sticking with me.  

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Nov 22, 2002 @ 6:00 PM

Update:  OK I'm a bit behind schedule because of the problems with my computer but I am catching up.  The good news is I got it working a little better now.  But it is still dying if it goes I will do everything I can to keep the comic going.  Thanks to everyone who donated :D

Posted By Lando on Nov 19, 2002 @ 10:29 PM

OK here's the deal.  I know you guys are probably thinking I'm being lazy but this is dead serious.  My Computer is barely holding on to existence by the grace of some higher deity.  So the future of this little comic is in jeopardy to say the least.  You see last year this infernal contraption got hit by lightning and I had to replace most of the hardware in it thankfully my hard drive was spared in the incident or so I thought.  Now here we are and it is dying I've run scandisk over and over and it keeps returning different errors and wiping out directories one by one.  I rebuilt it this weekend 98 wouldn't install so I had to go with ME and that's even worse because me just breaks and doesn't tell you what is broken so I have to guess and it took me all last night and today to get it working again just so I can post this.  So here's the catch I have to come up with $1200 for a suitable replacement of that total I have $0.  The Save Welcome To Roxboro Fund is now accepting donations and I have a 1989 Isuzu Trooper for sale for $1700 also if you live in or near Roxboro I fix Computers at the rate of $50 and hour any help will be gratefully appreciated.  I will be trying to update if I can keep this thing running so hopefully I can continue making you guys laugh.  I you want to donate just click on the Charlotte Pay Pal link and as always there is The Store.  If not no biggie its totally your choice.

Posted By A Very Distraught Lando on Nov 18, 2002 @ 8:00 PM

Grrr... well it did it again my PC bit the dust so I have spent all this weekend rebuilding it.  I just now got things back where to where I can work on the comic.  #70 is about 80% done and as usual Monday's strip is easy to do so I hope to make the update time tonight with both. Hmm any other stuff no not really I hope to begin some of the special drawings soon for the characters page as of right now it is still offline and also fix the last problems on the website and make an archive for the news posts.

Posted By Lando on Nov 17, 2002 @ 7:49 PM

OK I did it. I added a Pay Pal Donation link.  I know it pisses some people off but you know its only there as an option its not like there will be a herd of wild monkeys throwing feces at you if you don't click on it.  It is there for those who wish to send money to their favorite comics and as I see from the big boys like Real Life and RPG World there are allot of people who do so if those people happen to find their way here great if not that's OK too.  Remember there is no pressure to do so.  That said... OH MY GOD THE MONKEYS ARE COMING!!

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Nov 11, 2002 @ 3:57 AM

Woo Hoo NO MORE SICKNESS!! :D I've put my wellness to good work and got Fridays up and Mondays will arrive on schedule *Whew*

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Nov 10, 2002 @ 11:00 PM

OK here's Thursday's comic sorry for the extreme lateness but you know when you are sick all you want to do is eat sleep and watch TV in other words the basics.  Thanks for being patient and for voting we're up to 67 n_n! If you have already voted please do not vote again for some reason this list will not allow it and had frozen my voting because of it :/ Anyways Thanks again.

Posted By Lando Still Sick on Nov 09, 2002 @ 4:24 PM

:/ I hate being sick!  Misty gave it to Charlotte who gave it to me. Charlotte got over it very quickly by the way.  So here it is at 11:30 and only one frame done update time is minutes away well not really the thing is set for 12 but doesn't usually get done till 2 so I'll keep at it until I can't stand it anymore but it should be up sometime tomorrow.  And yes this also has everything to do with the fact that I rented Grand Theft Auto Vice City... heh oh and by the way Mr. Deeds = Funny Big Trouble = Funnier.

Posted By Lando on Nov 05, 2002 @11:36 PM

URK! I just got an email from Cafepress who hosts the store and they have instituted a policy where they can just up and close stores that do no business >.< That really sucks ass so unless I get some sales then I'll have to find another way to get the merchandise out.  So if you would like to help out buy something from the store and if you don't see anything you like but have something in mind let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Posted By Lando on Oct 30, 2002 @ 12:01 AM

Spank The Monkey! C'mon you know you want to... And if you think you are the Masta Spanka then keep in mind you have to beat this score :P

Posted By Lando The Masta Spanka on Oct 29, 2002 @ 2:15 AM

Yay!! Halloween is upon us and since it is my favorite holiday next to Christmas I'm devoting a whole week of strips to it starting today happy reading!

Posted By Lando The Master of Darkness on Oct 28, 2002 @ 12:01 AM

:/ I guess I spent too much time on web pages and not enough on comics this week couple that with the fact that I had a horrendously busy day and I have a monster headache, throw in a 6 panel Friday strip that for some strange reason seems to be completely new and has to be drawn from scratch and you get an update that will occur sometime tomorrow.  Some things just can't be helped...  Oh I finally got my headlight fixed took me long enough.

Posted By Lando on Oct 24, 2002 @ 12:00 AM

OK I got the Stuff and Store pages working fine now I guess I mad too many updates to the server and the pages got temporarily tanked :/ Oh well next is the Characters page which is still unfinished even in its present state.  I am working on a character sheet style page for each with an action pose so bear with me.  I'll also use these poses for a new wallpaper with all the characters as soon as I get them all done.  For now I'll it looking like the rest and let you know when the whole of it becomes complete. Oh and I am going to see about getting a Keenspace news box as well and fixing the font issue with the Calendar caption if you still want the font you can get it here its called Anime Ace.

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Oct 24, 2002 @ 2:06 AM

WOW! I have fans!!  How bout that? The site updates are coming strong I've got the main looking like I want except for this section :/ and I will be posting the new store and stuff pages sometime this week then its on to the most evil page the characters page *dramatic chord* Oh and anybody out there who has the want or desire I would like to have some guest strips or fan art or something.  One of the things I like best about web comics are those sections and I hope to be submitting some to some of my favorites if I ever get time look for the Hypoman/WTR crossover coming soon it will be two strips if I can ever get them finished. Thank you StealthN, Banano, defshed, Nulani, Kat, Glen, Mark, Todd, And last but certainly not least Shan keep reading n_n

Posted By Lando The Eater Of Worlds on Oct 22, 2002 @ 2:23 AM

Well folks here it is... um well ok here it almost is if I can ever figure out how to make these tables work for me then maybe it will be better.  For right now however this is all I can muster :/  Anyway the other pages will be getting this facelift as well in the days to come but for now its the main and the archives

Posted By A Very Tired Non Website Designing Lando on Oct 21, 2002 @ 2:04 AM.

Heh sorry about the late update... I just up and forgot to upload the comic last night.  Sorry again.

Posted By Lando on Oct 10, 2002 @ 5:00 PM

Site updates are on the way... I'm trying to finish the unfinished portions and make the page load better.  HTML Tables Blow! also I am doing a guest strip for Hypothetical Man look for it soon!

Posted By Your Momma on Sept 26, 2002 @ 3:32 PM

Check this Out!! Make sure you have your speakers on :) 

Posted By Lando on Sept 19, 2002 @ 1:56 AM

Later suckers! I'm maxing and relaxing down at the beach!  I tried really hard to get Friday's done but alas it was not meant to be.  Mondays may be questionable as well as I don't get back till Sunday evening.  We will just have to see.  Hope you guys like my 9-11 tribute :)

Posted By Lando on Sept 11, 2002 @ 1:01 PM

Forums Now On-line! Thanks To StealthN visit them here.  Also added link to  a new comic Hypothetical Man!  Its Really new but pretty funny check it out!

Posted By Lando on Sept 04,2002 @ 3:30 PM

Well things are going smoothly for a change. HOO-RAY!! I am going on vacation from 9-11 to 9-15 but I am going to try to get far enough ahead to keep a posting up during that time assuming autokeen works correctly... Also any of you IRC people out there who want to hunt me down you can find me on Dalnet in #anime I use Helst0rm as my nick but may be on as LandoMan as well.

Posted By Lando on Sept 02, 2002 @ 10:31 PM

Gagh! I dunno if Friday's comic will be up in time it requires a lot of new stuff and its also a double feature a whopping 10 frames!! 

Posted By Lando on August 29, 2002 @ 8:00 AM

DOH!!  just managed to tank my parts file which is a file that I started before the comic to draw hands, heads, cars backgrounds etc.  I can't believe it O.o Oh well guess I'll have to draw it all again anyway check out the Stuff page.  I have added my first spiel/rant called A little about the artist. L8r

Posted By Lando on August 20, 2002 @ 9:36 PM


Posted By Lando on August 16, 2002 @ 12:25 AM

Man this is fun :)  I have updated the Characters and Store pages and also have made some layout and visual changes to the site to make it easier to view.  I finally got to see what it looked like on another comp than my own BLEGH!  the changes are gonna keep coming as I am still dissatisfied with the whole damn thing.  Keep Reading and Drop Me a Line sometime will ya?

Posted By Lando on August 11,2002 @ 2:00 AM

I just wanted to apologize about the Ferrengi ships in #5 Back to Normal It took me like two days to draw the bridge of the Enterprise and I just wanted to be done with it.  I will probably go back and fix it later.  Also next week's Friday strip is rather extravagant as well it takes place in a Medieval Tavern.  Hopefully I will not have to skimp on that one I have #6 and #7 done and #8 is about half there so we will see.  

Posted By <Insert funny name here> on August 08, 2002 @ 11:59 PM


Looks like I got 4 done just in time for the 5th so the launch will go on as planned.  Tune in Monday folks cause the fun begins then!!!   Oh and By the way you might want this font to view the web pages since I have it I don't know if affects how the page displays.  ANIME ACE.TTF

Posted By A Left Handed Three Toed Sloth Wearing a Shoddy Bathrobe on August 03,2002 @ 8:59 PM


Welcome To Roxboro err um yeah that sounds like a good name... Well better than Life With Lando or Insert Name Here  I hope you enjoy my laments tortures and struggles to bring you this artful and comedic masterpiece to you 5 days a week in full color! Anyway I am hoping to start the comic on August 5th we will just have to see how things go but for sure it will start on a Monday in August.  Please check back then!  As for the web site BLEGH!  It's been too long but I promise you it looks a T-total-helluvalot better than it did when I started.  Any Suggestions please email me @ Helst0rm@Hotmail.com THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!! 

Posted By A Small Midget Wearing a Bad Toupee on July 28, 2002 @ 1:46 AM